The original plan was that Alex and I would sail up to Edinburgh as a double handed crew in order to position the boat in Scotland as quickly as possible, but in these strange COVID times Alex had an issue at work that meant that he had to return home and arranged to leave the boat at Lowestoft. This left me single handing a tat earlier than expected. I decided to stay an extra day in Lowestoft and take a good look at the options as the east coast is rather sparse when it comes to marinas, thus I needed manageable passages in good weather.

After several hours pondering my passage planning I decided to make several shorter passages and the first was from Lowestoft to Scarborough, somewhere that I had visited as a child on a family holiday.

Lowestoft Statue to Lifeboat Crew

With the need to re-victual and refuel the boat I set off in search of the nearest supermarket, Asda, about a mile away and spent an 'entertaining' afternoon wandering about the shop like a lost sheep. It is always a challenge finding what you want in a different supermarket and food shopping is not my idea of fun. Followed by a return trip with the jerry cans for fuel.

An evening stroll along the South Beach and a look at the sea before heading into the yacht club for dinner. Apparently, they were expecting me at 1800 (UTC) and I had it down for 1900 (UTC), anyway it was sorted and I had an enjoyable meal before settling down for the night.

Crew: Sandy Garrity

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