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Bleeding Screws

Tuesday 5th March 2024

With the weather finally improving I popped down to the boat to start the list of jobs that need doing. The first one was to sort out that secondary fuel filter air leak where the bleed screw is.

Knowing that the bleed screw was not an original I purchased the correct part from Volvo, how much for a screw with a hole in it! When I came to fit it discovered that in the past that somebody had cross threaded the hole and replaced the bleed screw with a bigger bolt hence the problem with air ingestion.

I dropped into the engineering shed at the yard to speak with Donald and arrange a visit to the boat, the hole re-tapped and a bigger bolt to be used, but hearing that I had an original Volvo bleed screw came up with a better solution. Drill out the hole, fit and glue in a 'sleeve', I am sure it has a technical name, with the correct thread for the Volvo bleed screw and job done.