Like all sailors the weather forecast is the key to where we go and how wet we are going to get. On each log entry I try to post the 0000 hrs UTC forecast for the shipping area that I'm sailing in along with the synoptic chart. In reality I use a number of forecasts, some traditional and formal like the shipping forecast and inshore waters forecast, others like Windy, see below, or Predict Wind are a bit more animated.

Windy Page

The screen below is generated by the Windy website and uses the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) model.

Shipping Forecast Sea Areas

With my love of the UK Met Office Shipping Forecast I thought that a list of Shipping Areas that I've sailed in would be appropriate.

Shipping Forecast Sea Areas I've Explored:

No Name No Name
5 Cromarty 6 Forth
7 Tyne 11 Humber
12 Thames 13 Dover
14 Wight 15 Portland
16 Plymouth 17 Biscay
18 Trafalgar 19 FitzRoy

Shipping Forecast Areas Waiting to be Explored:

No Name No Name
1 Viking 2 North Utsire
3 South Utsire 4 Forties
8 Dogger 9 Fisher
10 German Bight 20 Sole
21 Lundy 22 Fastnet
23 Irish Sea 24 Shannon
25 Rockall 26 Malin
27 Hebrides 28 Bailey
29 Fair Isles 30 Faeroes
31 Southeast Iceland

The Shipping Forecast Sea Areas

The Shipping Forecast Sea Areas.
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Updated: 20/04/2024