Southampton Boat Show 2018

I've not been to the Southampton Boat Show so this was going to be a first. Caught the train up from Devon and arrived at Southampton Central in plenty time and walked down to the showground.

First impressions were it was a tiny trade show and why was everybody raving about it, oh hold on, they are not letting anybody over that bridge, I wonder what is over there? At 1000 we were allowed over the bridge and pandora's box was opened. Note to self catch a later train next time.

Just like the Ko-Ko in the Mikado I've got a little list... of companies and people I wanted to speak to and after locating the main tent. Actually, it really is a very small trade show and I was struggling to find stand numbers!

Boat Insurance

Talked to my current insurance people about my plans for the next few years and learnt that a coastal policy only allows for sailing 12 miles offshore unless you are on passage. Oops, I've been a very naughty boy and have often been playing further out than that and not known I was not insured! Arranging to get that limit extended. Current company happy for plans in the Atlantic, but not into the Pacific. They were good enough to direct me to a company who insures world wide, but only high value boats, well much higher value than Aphrodite.


Had a long talk with Will Curry about the technical details of the Hydrovane, just need to save up some quite a lot of beer tokens and get one.

Copper Coat

A very informative discussion with Ewan Clark from Copper Coat about preparation and application of the product and he kindly pointed me in the direction of a company in Plymouth who can do the job from start to finish. More what I want as I hand scraped the previous boat and vowed never ever to do that again. They have the space, the kit and the contacts to do a far better job that I could do.


I needed to replace one of my life jackets and spent about 30 minutes chatting to a chap from Crewsaver on the Force 4 stand. Extremely informative and I was more than happy to pull out my credit card and take the jacket home.

Brunton Propellers

As we hit 4.8 knots SOG the prop starts turning, while it is good to know that we are going about 5 knots I can't see me keeping my sanity listening to that for hour after hour. Several people had said, "Sandy you need a folding prop".

I was able to get the "folding prop 101" from Brunton Propellers and came away with a much better understanding of the subject.

After a morning of talking to the companies I wanted to talk to I set off round the pontoons for a quick look at the modern, plastic, IKEA furnished boats when a voice piped up, "Hello Sandy" and I met up with a few friends who I had not expected to see.

Ambled up to the railway station and squeezed on a late running train, note to self book seats on an earlier train next time as it is a very small show!

All in all an good day out.