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Plans for 2024

Monday 1st January 2024

With the boat being on the hard for almost two years 2024 really does need to be one that I get some sailing on Aphrodite.

At the beginning of each year I sit down and plan what I want to do on the boat. Looking back at the last few years, little has run to plan. Let's see if 2024 bucks that trend. There are a few trips that keep popping into my head.

The First is a 'Not the Jester' trip to Baltimore, Ireland.

Proposed trip to Baltimore, Ireland.

A return trip to the Ile d'Ouessant, Ushant for the hard of hearing, in Brittany, now we have sorted out how to move between parallel universes after the disaster that is Brexit – which means I will need to visit a port of entry on arrival and departure in France. The final big trip will be a trip to the Channel Islands.

I've made my usual commitment to the Ocean Youth Trust and a delivery or two might come along. There is always the 'Elephant in the Room' my Yachtmaster exam!

Something that I am considering keeping Aphrodite afloat over the winter and get a bit of sailing in, there is always the option of diving into a marina if there are storms forecast.