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A Launch Date

A Long, Wet, Cold Winter

Having brought Aphrodite ashore in mid November 2023 I was looking forward to getting lots of work done on her during the winter, but a long cold, damp winter followed and not a great deal was done until late March 2024. As you would get down to the boat and it was just to damp to do any paintwork.

I was not the only one down at the yard moaning about the weather, everybody was late launching. With the poor weather and my wee job as an exam invigilator keeping me busy in May and June I took the decision to wait until late June before getting Aphrodite back un the water. Looking at the tide tables Wednesday 26th June looked good.

Many of the visits over the winter were to check that no damage had been done and that he batteries were OK. I've been impressed with the solar panels and the Victron Power Management system. At the end of May the SmartShunt stopped broadcasting on BlueTooth. I dropped an email to the supplier who asked for some details - BlueTooth light not flashing and the error light no on. Within 24 hours they got back to me saying it was a problem with the unit and should be returned to them. Victron will swap it out for a new one.

To fix the problem where the fuel system was ingesting air via the bleeding screw I purchased the correct screw from Volvo Penta only to find that at some point in the past the thread had been cross-threaded hence the bigger replacement. Donald at the yard sorted this out by drilling out the thread and fitting a hexicore so that we could use the correct screw. Looking forward to running up the engine to see what happens.