Plymouth to Treluggan

I had booked the boat to come ashore at Treluggan Boatyard on the river Lynher in Cornwall on the recommendation of a good friend. With a few days to spare until the next set of spring tides, I was advised I'd need a 5 metre tide, I dashed home by train, collected the car and drove it down to the yard. Very kindly Morris and Steph arranged to meet me there and drive me back to Plymouth. With all of the transport in place I was ready to get the boat ashore for the winter.

0600 hrs Slipped the lines at King Point and set off upto Treluggan. The directions from the yard were quite clear, but it being a small Cornish creek the journey did leave me a tad nervous as the drying height on the chart is 2.5 metres.

I chugged up the Tamar and then turned into the Lynher and watched the depth like a hawk. The Lynher is a gorgeous stretch of water and the trip needs to be repeated with crew.

Just past the Dandy Hole I almost missed the turning and headed onto St Germans, but saw the posts marking the channel just in time. Clearly, I missed the center of the channel as I gently ran aground, reversed and aimed a bit more to the east of the channel and edged my way up river almost touching trees as I did. Under the railway viaduct and Treluggan popped into view.

0730 hrs I tied up alongside the pontoon and popped the kettle on and waited for the yard team to haul me out then walked away from the boat and let them get her propped for the winter.

Lift out Cornish Style

Crew: Sandy Garrity

Sunrise: 0642 hrs Sunset: 1945 hrs

Trip Stats: Distance: 8.7 nm, Avg speed: 5.00 knots, Max speed: 6.00 knots, Under way: 1 h 30 m.

Weather: Inshore waters...

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