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A Launch Date

A Long, Wet, Cold Winter

Having brought Aphrodite ashore in mid November 2023 I was looking forward to getting lots of work done on her during the winter, but a long cold, damp winter followed and not a great deal was done until late March 2024. As you would get down to the boat and it was just to damp to do any paintwork.

I was not the only one down at the yard moaning about the weather, everybody was late launching. With the poor weather and my wee job as an exam invigilator keeping me busy in May and June I took the decision to wait until late June before getting Aphrodite back un the water. Looking at the tide tables Wednesday 26th June looked good.

Many of the visits over the winter were to check that no damage had been done and that he batteries were OK. I've been impressed with the solar panels and the Victron Power Management system. At the end of May the SmartShunt stopped broadcasting on BlueTooth. I dropped an email to the supplier who asked for some details - BlueTooth light not flashing and the error light no on. Within 24 hours they got back to me saying it was a problem with the unit and should be returned to them. Victron will swap it out for a new one.

To fix the problem where the fuel system was ingesting air via the bleeding screw I purchased the correct screw from Volvo Penta only to find that at some point in the past the thread had been cross-threaded hence the bigger replacement. Donald at the yard sorted this out by drilling out the thread and fitting a hexicore so that we could use the correct screw. Looking forward to running up the engine to see what happens.


OYT MACS Trip Day 3: Cawsands Bay - Falmouth

Friday 4th August 2023

An early departure had been agreed and everybody was up and eating breakfast when there was a knock on the hull, we had visitors from Rona II. The skipper and two of the crew. The two skippers caught up with their news in the shed and the two crew members had a tour of Prolific and appear keen to get involved with hoisting the mizzen. Their skipper hurrying them off to the dinghy, I wonder if he was worried about losing crew as the were impressed with the size of Prolific, especially the accommodation.

While still at anchor I lead a mizzen hoist, one slight issue the downhaul did not flow freely through the cleat, but that was quickly sorted out.

0830 hrs

With the anchor weighed we were underway. While still in Cawsands and sheltered we hoisted the main before motor sailing round Penlee Point and Rame Head.

The passage to Falmouth, which I had previously taken several times, went without incident. The Sea Staff and crew settled into their watches and Prolific efficiently, which always a delight to see happen. With good winds we kept a good speed over the ground.

One quick lesson was learnt, not to say dolphins when you were doing something that needed attention as all work stopped and all eyes would be looking for would be looking for them.

1500 hrs

After passing a large cruise ship anchored in the bay we started a series of tacks to enter Falmouth Harbour. The skipper took us to the west of Black Rock and several sailing boats came in close to take pictures of us.

To our surprise, or rather dismay, one sailing boat under power overtook us on the port side about five metres off before crossing our bow! Had we put a tack in at that point goodness knows what would have happened.

Sails were quickly and efficiently dropped and we motored to Port Pendennis where we tied up alongside on B pontoon.

It was almost a year to the day that I had last berthed here after the trip from Faro in August 2022.

The skipper was paying close attention to the depth of water and trundled off to the marina office and came back with their detailed chart. Asked for the lead line and he and the second mate took a series of soundings round the boat, before consulting the chart again. It had become apparent that we would be sat on the bottom at low water and after consultation with the marina we moved to A pontoon.

The skipper then gathered the sea staff to look at the chart in detail and comment on it. A fascinating 20 minutes looking at their chart and being asked some challenging questions about it.

The forecast for the following day was not good, NW F9 and the decision was taken to stay in Falmouth for two nights.

All times are UTC.

Underway Distance Avg
Day: 7h 15m 52 5.50 9.00 0h 0m
Trip: 15h 15m 92 6.03 9.00 0h 0m

Crew: Andy Brown (Skipper), Lauren, Josh, Glyn, Robert L, Jack O, Hannah B, Sandy and MACS crew.

Sunrise: 0448 hrs Sunset: 2000 hrs

Weather: Forecast valid from: 01:00 (UTC+1) on Fri 4 Aug 2023 until 01:00 (UTC+1) on Sat 5 Aug 2023

Issued by the Met Office, on behalf of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, at 00:15 (UTC+1) on Fri 4 Aug 2023


Northwest, backing southwest later, 4 to 6. Moderate or rough becoming slight or moderate. Showers. Good, occasionally moderate

© Met Office Synoptic Chart 04/08/2023