OYT Training Weekend


As a member of Ocean Youth Trust Sea Staff I always try to attend their training weekend near Southampton.

Not only does it allow us to do some specific RYA training and specific topics related to the charity and Prolific, but means Sea Staff can meet up socially and remember trips and look forward to the summer season.

After an early start and a three hour drive through thick fog I arrived at the training venue and was able to park the car nearby.

Saturday's excitement was to renew my RYA First Aid at Sea Certificate, something that needs to be done every three years. And given COVID I was interested to see how we were to do cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

Not long after we got started I met the new 'blow up' Resusci Annie, a few giggles went round the classroom.


Resusci Annie

As we ploughed through the material during the afternoon it occurred to me that I have held a first aid certificate, in some form or another, for 50 years!

The second thought that struck me was that the RYA First Aid at Sea book has very little to do with doing first aid at sea! While the content is great it is written for an audience that has easy access to emergency services!


A very different day with a series of lectures and activities on OYT and Prolific specifics.