Lift Out 2023

Friday 17th November 2023

I finally got the boat out of the water for winter. Never been this late, but Storm CiarĂ¡n delayed things on the planned lift out day then we had to consider tides for the run up to Treluggan.

I popped down to the boat on afternoon of 15/11/2023 and rowed the dinghy out to the boat. Did all the usual daily checks and settled down for the evening. I really do need to get the heater installed as at this time of year it really does get cold onboard.

Thursday lunchtime I rowed ashore and drove to Treluggan Boatyard and met up with the boat was going to help me move the boat. We dropped off his car and returned back to Saltash Sailing Club, jumped in the dinghy and rowed back out to the boat. On firing up the engine, it was not happy as air was getting into the fuel system. We took the risk as we knew what was happening and motored over to Mark's boat on the Devon side of the river. Tied up to his boat so he could retrieve some kit and pottered back to the club pontoon. After talking sternly to engine we headed to the pub with the big Union Flag painted on the front! A proper pub with decent beer.

Dinner at the Saltash Sailing Club and an early night.

0500 hrs

The alarm went off and I turned the kettle on. We decided to wait until we had enough light to see as there were a lot of moorings with no boats on them before setting off. I really, really did not want the embarrassment of fouling my prop on somebody's mooring.

0700 hrs

We cast off from the pontoon and headed down the Tamar before a turn to starboard and up the Lynher.

Apart from the engine having an occasional 'grumble' as it ingested some air, full throttle sorted that out, the trip was very pleasant on a cold winter's morning with little movement on the water. Sadly, there were two masts sticking out of the water and I wondered if they had just been left to sink as wrecks or if there had been a reason why they had sunk. Still means that somebody needs to lift them from the sea bed at some point in time.

0830 hrs

Arrived at Treluggan to be met by Tom and Donald making their way down the slope. Turned everything off and collected our kit and headed back to Saltash. I always think it is easier for them to get on with the job of propping the boat up without the owner fussing about in the background.

En Route to the sailing club Mark pulled in at a greasy spoon, KLM Diner on the outskirts of Saltash and a small breakfast and tea purchased later to be consumed outside the club. With cars in all in the right place we all headed for home at the end of a short day.

All times are UTC.

The Numbers:

Underway Distance
Day: 1h 32m 6.80 4.40 6.10 0h 00m
Year: 2h 47m 14.90 5.32 6.10 0h 00m

Crew: Sandy Garrity (Skipper), Mark Rodgers

Sunrise: 0733 hrs Sunset: 1632 hrs

Weather: The shipping forecast issued by the Met Office, on behalf of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, at 23:30 (UTC) on Thu 16 Nov 2023 for the period 00:00 (UTC) on Fri 17 Nov 2023 to 00:00 (UTC) on Sat 18 Nov 2023.

Wight, Portland, Plymouth

Northwest 4 to 6, backing southwest 3 or 4, then south 4 to 6 later. Moderate or rough in Plymouth, elsewhere slight or moderate. Showers, rain later. Good, occasionally poor

Met Office Synoptic Chart 17/11/2023

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