The Lads Trip 2018 - Malpas to Plymouth

It was quite hard dragging ourselves away from such an idyllic spot, but our destination had to be Plymouth and Aphrodite's new home.

We cast off and gently motored down Carrick Roads where we hoisted both sails and waited for the wind off St Anthony Lighthouse and as promised the wind filled and we started our eastward journey back to Plymouth via the Eddystone Lighthouse.

A relaxed passage followed with the wind building slowly from a F1 to a F4 and we were finally able to see the shape of that new main, all the theory about sail shape finally made sense!

By the time the strange shape of Eddystone crept above the horizon we were doing a good six knots and looking forward to rounding the waypoint and turning north towards Plymouth. About a mile off the Eddystone we were about to cross a fishing boat on a trawl and just as I was about to gybe to the rear of him he stopped and let us pass, a huge wave of thanks and we rounded the light.

As evening was approaching the weather was changing and it was time to put some warmer clothing on.

Heading towards Plymouth Breakwater all of a sudden it got busy, fishing boats going in several directions, HMS Dragon coming out and a tanker racing us for the line at the breakwater. We were more than happy to follow him in.

Ironically, as we headed in towards King Point a Plymouth Sailing School boat was heading out. I did my RYA Day Skipper with them years ago and I thought it good to meet them as I brought Aphrodite into her new home port.

We furled away the genoa and dropped the main in the sound, sorted out the fenders, set the mooring lines up and prepared to enter the marina. Motoring past Pont Aven I realised how small the boats we sail in are!

At the entrance to King Point several small boys woke up to the fact we were coming in and they had fishing lines out, we did a 360 degree turn and let them pull in their lines gave them a wave of thanks and entered the marina.

No pressure, we were in and were looking for our berth. Hoping nobody was watching us enter the marina, thankfully we came alongside with little fuss, but I need a not more practice!

Aphrodite had been delivered to her new berth and there were more adventures to come.

Crew: Sandy Garrity, Alex Bowling

Distance figures Distance: 51 nm Moving Average: 5 kts Max: 7 kts

Weather Issued at: 04:05 on Thu 10 May 2018 UTC For the period 06:00 on Thu 10 May 2018 UTC to 06:00 on Fri 11 May 2018 UTC


Wind Northwest, backing south or southeast, 5 or 6. Sea state Rough or very rough, becoming moderate or rough later. Weather Showers. Visibility Good.

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The Lads Trip 2018 - Falmouth to Malpas

After two days in the marina and with a gale forecast to pass over us over night we took the decision to leave the comfort of the marina and head up the Fal towards Malpas where there are a couple of pontoons that are in the middle of the river.

After a lazy morning we cast off about 1500 UTC and headed down towards Black Rock and then turned to go up the Fal in a good F5 a big catamaran popped out of the Pendennis marina and very kindly led the way up the river, these boats can put a turn of speed on when they want to.

A short motor up the river found the pontoon that had been mentioned in the pilot book and we tied up, battened down the hatches and set about cooking supper.

After a windy night we woke to a beautiful morning and had another lazy day reading and relaxing.

Aphrodite at Malpas

Crew: Sandy Garrity, Alex Bowling

Distance stats Distance: 8 nm Avg Speed: 5 kts Max Speed: 7 kts

Weather: Issued 1 May 2018 04:05 UTC

Sea area: Plymouth Wind: West 4 or 5, backing southwest 5 to 7, perhaps gale 8 later Sea State: Slight or moderate, becoming rough Weather: Occasional rain Visibility: Good, occasionally moderate