OYT MACS Trip Day 5: Falmouth - Fowey

Sunday 6th August 2023

After yesterdays blow everybody woke up to a bright sunny day.

0800 hrs

After a quick cup of tea we slipped our lines from the pontoon and moved over to the fuel pontoon to load up with fuel.

Fuelling Prolific took over an hour, a breakfast of warm croissants and coffee was served on deck as we enjoyed the sunshine.

I as extremely surprised at one boat owner who got rather upset at the length of time we took to fuel up and can only think that the skipper had a tight timescale to reach a tide gate, but to be so unpleasant is beyond words especially as we had a number of young people onboard.

0950 hrs

With over a tonne of fuel added to the tanks we cast off and started the passage east to Fowey.

1015 hrs

Just off St Anthony Lighthouse we headed into wind and raised the mizzen, main, staysail and jib.

A cracking day at sea, the wind from behind the beam, sun in the sky and occasional visits by dolphins, always a delight to see.

The skipper announced he would like to see the mizzen staysail hoisted. Its not a sail I've seen hoisted so left it to the first mate and the staff engineer to sort out the hoist.

Ten minutes of noisy, flapping sail it set and another ½ knot was added to the speed. Hard work but it did look good.

As we arrived at the entrance to Fowey we dropped the sails as there were several yachts, RIBS and small motor cruisers buzzing about so we slowly motored in and looked for one of the large buoys.

1430 hrs

Launched the dinghy and attached to one of the big buoys at Fowey.

Once Prolific was rigged for a night at anchor it was time for some shore leave. The dinghy was again lowered and the crew scrambled down the netting to be run ashore.

I was allocated the first run and waited at the small pier until we all assembled before we made our way to Readymoney Cove where some of the more adventurous crew changed into swimsuits and went for a dip. I had conveniently forgotten my swimming shorts and it was not the sort of beach you would skinny dip.

Following the swim ice creams were purchased and enjoyed as we walked back to be transported back to the boat and dinner.

The dinghy drew alongside with a slight swell and as one of the crew misplaced her step she grabbed me, my life flashed in front of me as I could see that unless very careful I would be having an unplanned swim. Thankfully, I managed to remain on the pier, but left some skin there for all time.

All times are UTC.

The Numbers:

Underway Distance Avg
Day: 4h 25m 24 4.00 8.00 0h 00m
Trip: 19h 40m 116 5.95 9.00 0h 00m

Crew: Andy Brown (Skipper), Lauren, Josh, Glyn, Robert L, Jack O, Hannah B, Sandy and MACS crew.

Sunrise: 0453 hrs Sunset: 2001 hrs

Weather: Forecast valid from: 01:00 (UTC+1) on Sun 6 Aug 2023 until 01:00 (UTC+1) on Mon 7 Aug 2023

Issued by the Met Office, on behalf of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, at 00:15 (UTC+1) on Sun 6 Aug 2023


Northwest 4 or 5, occasionally 6 at first and 3 later. Rough, becoming slight or moderate. Showers. Good.

© Met Office Synoptic Chart 06/08/2023

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