OYT MACS Trip Day 2: Brixham - Cawsands Bay

Thursday 3rd August 2023

We agreed an early start and after breakfast got up on deck to slip lines. I was wondering where the promised sailing conditions, bright sunshine and a steady F4 from the SW, had gone as we had heavy rain overnight and visibility was poor.

0840 hrs
Lines slipped from the pontoon and we were off. A few fishing boats maneuvering in the harbour and a Dutch sailing boat departing just before us.

Just out of the harbour the fishing boats roared past us and the Dutch boat was hoisting sails. We then started with winch drills – teaching or reminding everybody to make sure hands did not get jammed and that pinkies not thumbs should be towards the winch!

0940 hrs
Winch training completed we hoisted sails just south of Berry Head and settled into our watches in a good sailing breeze.

1100 hrs
Time for the Man Overboard drill, I hear there is a move afoot to get this changed to 'Person In the Water', Bob was flung into Start Bay and we swung into action, the crew pointing and Sea Staff getting ready to hoist the Bosun overboard to collect Bob.

1130 hrs
Passing inshore of the Skerries Bank we had a close look at Start Point lighthouse and the overfalls gave us a taste of what was to come.

Interestingly, the skipper asked if I would monitor the passage through the narrow channel between Start Point and the bank on the chart.

1200 hrs
As we were now to the west of Start Point the seas had built and the forecast was correct we were experiencing rough seas. An afternoon of passing sick buckets around started as the ride was uncomfortable.

1400 hrs
A 90° course change as we turned to head for Plymouth passing the Eddystone Lighthouse and several fishing boats trawling on our way into harbour.

1630 hrs
Tucked up at anchor in Cawsands Bay in the company of five other sail training vessels: Olga, Johanna Lucretia, Pegasus and Rona II.

Several people went ashore in the dinghy and Josh and Hannah decided to swim back to the boat (madness)!

A cracking day sailing even though many were seasick.

All times are UTC.

Underway Distance Avg
Day: 8h 00m 52 6.50 9.00 0h 0m
Trip: 8h 00m 52 6.50 9.00 0h 0m

Crew: Andy Brown (Skipper), Lauren, Josh, Glyn, Robert L, Jack O, Hannah B, Sandy and MACS crew.

Sunrise: 0445 hrs Sunset: 2003 hrs

Weather: Forecast valid from: 01:00 (UTC+1) on Thu 3 Aug 2023 until 01:00 (UTC+1) on Fri 4 Aug 2023

Issued by the Met Office, on behalf of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, at 00:15 (UTC+1) on Thu 3 Aug 2023

Portland, Plymouth

West 6 to gale 8, veering northwest 4 to 6. Rough or very rough, becoming moderate or rough. Showers. Moderate or good

© Met Office Synoptic Chart 03/08/2023

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