Sailing Round a Small Island

I always find that you are never quite ready to leave for departure and it was the same with this trip.

Alex and I met up at the railway station and took the train to Plymouth, hoped in a taxi and get down to the boat. With a few simple jobs to complete we were off. To be honest there was a lot of stuff shoved in the Skippers cabin that would be sorted out 'later'; I hope it will be sorted before I get back to Plymouth in about six weeks!

With all the permanent lines on the boat and lines set to slip I totally messed up the exit and we did a beautifully timed 360° turn and exited the marina looking like it was planned that way.

As soon as we were out of the marina we hoisted the sails and enjoyed the last views of Plymouth for a while.

Heading out of the Sound we cracked open a beer to celebrate the start of the voyage.

Crew: Sandy Garrity and Alex Bowling.

Weather: Inshore waters forecast to 12 miles offshore 01:00 (UTC+1) on Tue 3 Aug 2021 to 01:00 (UTC+1) on Wed 4 Aug 2021 Lyme Regis to Lands End including the Isles of Scilly

24 hour forecast: Northerly or northwesterly 2 to 4 becoming variable 3 or less, then becoming southwesterly 3 or 4 for a time later in east. Smooth or slight in east, slight throughout in west. Showers, becoming fair later. Good.

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