The sun rose early and after a long sleep I had a wander round the bay to the Scarborough Spa. It was good to stretch the legs after the passage up from Lowestoft. Halfway round the bay I was accosted by a chap who had just broken up with his partner the night before and clearly needed to talk to somebody, so we ambled up to the Spa and passed the time of day in the morning sunshine before the town woke up. He thanked me for listening and wandered off into the distance trying to work things out.

The town had not fundamentally changed since I was a child. The English Seaside Town is alive and kicking. Seaside amusements, fish and chip shops and 'kiss me quick hats'. Perhaps the only difference was the number of tattoos on display.

After cleaning up from breakfast I found the nearest filling station, Sainsburys, and took the jerry cans up the hill to replenish the diesel. In the past Sainsburys have insisted that you can only buy 30 lts at a time. I popped into the kiosk and checked, yip it was the same here. I filled with exactly 30 lts and payed before rolling the trolly down the hill.

On getting back to the boat the couple in the next boat, WAKONDA, said hello and as we were doing the same thing we chatted over our plans. They were taking a few years to do what I am planning to do in the few months.

Mike, an old climbing pal, arrived in the afternoon and we caught up on about 30 years of life over a few pints and some fish and chips.

After a busy day of chat, I retired to my bunk and got ready for an early departure.

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