I awoke to the sound of steady rain on the deck and the dredgers working away clearing the harbour. Headed to the marina 'crew room' that consists of a room with a cooker, a dining table, a small book swap library and showers. Why don't more marinas have a communal area for people to sit and chat?

Dredger at Arbroath

Once the morning ablutions were done it was off into town and explore. I had been recommended a 'Smokie Pie' by another boat the hunt for lunch, but did not need to go far as they were on sale just beyond the marina.

The Smokie Pie Shop

Lets just say I think Smokie Pies are an acquired taste and I can think of better ways of eating fish.

Just after lunch the phone rung and one of the Ocean Youth Trust South volunteers who was in the area asked if he could drop in and say hello. An hour later Mark arrived at the marina and I popped the kettle on.

I am quite sure that Mark did not expect to go up my mast when he called, but with two of is onboard and my fear of going up masts he was 'coerced' to going up and treading my lazyjack through its block.

Mark and Sandy at Arbroath

After more tea we headed off for a walk along the coast to look at the geomorphology of the area and I was introduced to 'geos', something that I'd not heard of before.

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