Frostbite Delivery – Day 3

Saturday 10th December 2022

0600 hrs

On watch and it is still dark, we had been weaving through the Thames Estuary for most of the night. I took over from the skipper, but as we were close to the destination he remained on deck.

0700 hrs

As the light started to fill the sky we had a course change turn to starboard at Black Deep No 8 Buoy (N51 36.51 E001 21.32), then keep within that channel, but as with everything there were two large cargo ships inbound for London. We furled away the Genoa and dropped speed allowing them to pass well in front of us.

Crossing the channel we consulted the tide tables and felt that there was enough water to safely cross a major sandbank. I turned to port and over we went, carefully monitoring the depth sounder. We were fine with over a meter of water under the keel.

By now the sun was up and it was turning into a lovely morning, Phil was also up on deck, everybody was aware that we were on the last few miles, being guided by the windfarms.


One of the many wind turbines in the Thames Estuary

With everybody up on deck we all enjoyed the sunshine and remarked how brown the water was then set the boat up for arriving at Brightlingsea.

1200 hrs

We really could not have timed our arrival so well, noon it was. Greeted by the new owners on the pontoon, they had been eagerly watching us on AIS and were keen to see their new boat tied up, safe and sound. We handed over the boat, gave them a list of small issues that they needed to know. They insisted that lunch was on them and we were all taken to the local sailing club. Where we all enjoyed our first pint since before leaving Plymouth.

1400 hrs

Following lunch at Brightlingsea Sailing Club, including some excellent local beer, we were driven to the local railway station, waved our goodbyes to the new owners and bought tickets for the rail journey home.

Crossing London on the new Jubilee Line was a new experience. It was fast and the trains very modern. Climbing the steps at Paddington threaded my way through the pre Christmas throngs of people and waited for the next train to the West Country. The train was delightfully warm.

All times are UTC.

Underway Distance Avg
Day: 12h 00m 68 6.00 10.00 7h 51m
Trip: 49h 50m 248 5.70 12.00 7h 51m

Crew: Ismail Tezdiker (Skipper), Phil Kingerlee and Sandy Garrity.

Sunrise: 0751 hrs Sunset: 1547 hrs

Weather: The shipping forecast issued by the Met Office, on behalf of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, at 23:30 (UTC) on Fri 9 Dec 2022 for the period 00:00 (UTC) on Sat 10 Dec 2022 to 00:00 (UTC) on Sun 11 Dec 2022.

Humber, Thames

West or southwest 3 or 4. Moderate at first in Humber, otherwise slight or moderate, occasionally smooth in Thames. Wintry showers. Good, occasionally poor.

© Met Office Synoptic Chart 10/12/2022

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