Frostbite Delivery – Pre Voyage

Wednesday 7th December 2022

I was not planning to do any sailing in December but an email from Halcyon Yachts dropped into my inbox looking urgently for crew to do a delivery from Plymouth to Brightlingsea in Essex. I promptly replied saying I was in Devon, available and could be down at the boat two days later. Almost by return I had a reply saying, great I was on the crew list and to await instructions from the skipper.

I hopped on a bus, jumped on a train to Plymouth then walked down to Sutton to meet the boat, Phil was already onboard and the skipper was on his way from Southampton.

It turns out that the delivery had already been started, but due to technical reasons had to turn back at Start Point. The previous skipper and one of the crew had run out of time leaving Phil from the original crew still onboard. Thus we were to be the replacement delivery crew.

While waiting for the skipper to arrive Phil and I popped to the Barbican for some excellent fish and chips, but resisted going into The Dolphin.

Ismail arrived just after 2030 hrs and we set about with introductions and briefings before turning in for the night.

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