OYT: Trip 09 of 2024 - Day 1

Tuesday 23rd April 2024

0000 hrs

Lat: 50° 53.71'N Long: 001° 23.50'W

I had driven up to Southampton the previous day to assist on one of Prolific’s maintenance days. After doing several tasks the Sea Staff went out for dinner and a couple of pints at one of the places in Ocean Village.

1300 hrs

The group from Greig City Academy, who run the boat Scaramouch, from north London school joined the boat.

1515 hrs

Cast off from the pontoon heading for Cowes. We had left the pontoon with enough tide to get out of the berth and then slowly motored down the Itchen and Southampton Water giving the usual winch drills.

Before entering Cowes we watched, Triana, one of the Golden Globe Race 2023 competitors complete their round the world adventure. While not a fan of these 'back to the golden age of sailing' events it was interesting to watch a lone sailing boat surrounded by lots of excited people in ribs.

1800 hrs

Lat: 50° 45.70'N Long: 001° 17.67'W

Alongside at Cowes Yacht Haven, a new venue to me as we usually come alongside at Sheppards when in Cowes.

All times are UTC.

The Numbers for Prolific:

Underway Distance
Day: 2h 45m 10.50 3.80 5.00 0h 00m
Trip: 2h 45m 10.50 3.80 5.00 0h 00m
Year: 22h 20m 81.50 3.65 12.00 0h 00m

Crew: Constantinos, Lauren, Glyn, Katie, Willoughby, Vince, Sandy and the school crew.

Sunrise: 0425 hrs Sunset: 1950 hrs

Weather: Forecast valid from: 01:00 (UTC+1) on Tue 23 Apr 2024 until 01:00 (UTC+1) on Wed 24 Apr 2024

Wight, Portland, Plymouth

North or northeast, backing northwest for a time, 3 to 5. Slight or moderate in Plymouth, but elsewhere smooth or slight. Occasional rain. Good, occasionally moderate.

© Met Office Synoptic Chart 23/04/2024

© Met Office Synoptic Chart 23/04/2024

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