OYT Shakedown - Day 1

Friday 22nd March 2024

0000 hrs

Lat: 50° 53.71'N Long: 001° 23.50'W

There had been a call for volunteers for a Sea Staff only trip on Prolific before the start of the season to give the new skipper and first mate some practice parking the boat and to check out the rigging as both masts had been out over the winter. I thought it would be good to go along as it gave me some time on the boat before my first trip of the season.

I drove up on the day before and met up with most of the Sea Staff onboard the boat. Prolific was not on her usual mooring as all of the pontoons on the south side of Ocean Village were out of the water for dredging and I found her on the north side of the hotel.

0800 hrs

The remaining sea staff arrived and twenty minutes later the two riggers from Allspars turned up with their kit.

0930 hrs

Slipped the mooring at Ocean Village and headed out. By the time we joined Southampton Water the staysail, main and mizzen had all been hoisted for the riggers to complete their checks. Very quickly the jib followed, I've never seen all of the sails up so promptly.

We scuttled down Southampton water with the riggers looking intently at the rigging, feeling it with their hands and tightening it with massive spanners. Then much to my surprise climbed the rigging on the way back up Southampton water with 25 knots of apparent wind. Glad I don't do that for a living!

Rigger at work

Rigger at work

1215 hrs

With the riggers work completed we dropped the sails and returned to Ocean Village. Dropped them off for their next job and had lunch.

1330 hrs

Lunch finished we set off again, but this time purely under engine for some 'pontoon bashing' at Trinity Landing in Cowes.

The next few hours were spent parking Prolific to the landing and much to my surprise I was invited to park the boat! With the Staff Skipper beside me I carefully manoeuvred the boat next to the pontoon and successfully brought her alongside without scratching the paintwork or bashing the pontoon.

Prolific alongside Trinity Landing, Cowes

Prolific alongside Trinity Landing, Cowes.

Prolific setting up for another attempt at parking

Prolific setting up for another park.

1730 hrs

Lat: 50° 45.62'N Long: 001° 17.60'W

Tied up along side at Sheppards Marina in Cowes.

Just after we tied up alongside Willoughby, one of the OYT Sea Staff, popped in to say hello.

Following supper we ajourned to The Anchor Inn to quench our thurst. A rather busy pub full of yachties.

The Numbers for Prolific:

Underway Distance
Day: 6h 45m 34.60 5.12 12.00 0h 00m
Trip: 6h 45m 34.60 5.12 12.00 0h 00m
Year: 6h 45m 34.60 5.12 12.00 0h 00m

Crew: Constantinos (Skipper), James B, Josh, Andrew W, Tom K, Robert J, Sara A, Rooby, Juliette D and Sandy.

Sunrise: 0604 hrs Sunset: 1822 hrs

Weather: Forecast valid from: 00:00 (UTC) on Fri 22 Mar 2024 until 00:00 (UTC) on Sat 23 Mar 2024.

Dover, Wight, Portland, Plymouth

Southwest veering northwest 4 to 6. Slight or moderate, occasionally rough in Plymouth. Occasional rain or drizzle. Moderate or good, occasionally poor.

© Met Office Synoptic Chart 22/03/2024

© Met Office Synoptic Chart 22/03/2024

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