Single Handed - Plymouth Sound

The time had come to sort out some rusty skills and handle the boat on my own. I headed down to the boat and took ages getting her ready to take out. There is always some nervous anticipation the first time in a season when you let go or the pontoon or mooring on your own.

You know that you need to deal with anything and that is why I find single handing so rewarding. Got a problem, up to you to fix it.

Having 'faffed' about checking and rechecking things I finally set Aphrodite for sea, everything stowed below, sails ready to be hoisted and unfurled, engine on, spring line set and mooring lines let go. I was off.

Left the mooring without damaging any gelcoat, set off towards the marina entrance through Millbay, passed Drakes Island and into Plymouth Sound. Thankfully not too many boats about. Made my way over towards Jennycliffe to seek some shelter from the wind to haul the main sail and away from sets of eyes as I knew this was not going to be pretty.

Hoisted the main, a slight tangle in the lazy jacks that was easy to sort out. Settled down with the main up and the engine in neutral while I got used to the boat under sail again - it had been some time since I had last sailed. Finally pulled the genoa out to its first reefing point, turned off the engine and off she flew!

7 knots SOG and over 8 STW

With visibility beginning to close in, the Met Office had it right I dropped the sails and motored back to the berth.

Brian, who occupies the next berth, came over to help with the lines or perhaps to check I was careful with his gelcoat and I glided into my slot. Tidied up the sails and went below for a cup of tea. On emerging Drakes Island was shrouded in fog.

Crew: Sandy Garrity

Trip Stats: Distance: XX nm, Average speed: X.XX knots, Maximum speed: X.XX knots, Under way: X h XX m, Sailing hours: X h XX m, Engine hours: x h XX m.

Weather: Inshore waters forecast to 12 miles offshore 01:00 (UTC+1) on Wed 2 Jun 2021 to 01:00 (UTC+1) on Thu 3 Jun 2021

24 hour forecast: Easterly or northeasterly, veering southeasterly, 3 to 5, then veering southerly or southwesterly 2 to 4 later. Slight or moderate, becoming smooth or slight later in lyme bay. Thundery showers, fog patches later. Moderate or good, occasionally very poor later

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