A Consolation Sail

Shortly after 0600 (UTC) I heard the kettle being put on the stove, Alex was up.

After a lazy breakfast and and several pots of tea we decided that there was more than enough power in the batteries for a day sail and the weather was perfect.

Just as we exited from Millbay I spotted a convoy of MOD Police launches, pilot boats and tugs, in Plymouth that only means one thing there is a submarine movement and sure enough a black conning tower hove into view. As we were motoring I headed toward Sutton Harbour and let the convoy pass.

Once the convoy had passed we raised the main and headed to the eastern entrance and went to play with the wind.

As this was a consolation sail we headed west in a F4 with no firm plans, just go and have some fun. With a clean bottom, wind from the north west and a flat sea we had a cracking time, easily up to hull speed at times and usually tripping along around six knots.

A few hours out we turned onto the other tack and headed back. Rounding Rame Head and into the western approach to Plymouth Sound we followed the wind round and managed to do it in one tack, well over canvased we heeled well over, sailing at its best!

Just by Drakes Island we dropped the sails and motored into King Point to attempt my second parking attempt of the day. Gelcoat intact we tied up the boat, tidied up and went and found a restaurant I had been recommended.

Crew: Sandy Garrity, Alex Bowling, Joe North

Weather: Inshore waters forecast to 12 miles offshore 07:00 (UTC+1) on Sat 7 Sep 2019 to 07:00 (UTC+1) on Sun 8 Sep 2019

Lyme Regis to Lands End including the Isles of Scilly

24 hour forecast: North 3 or 4, occasionally 5 at first. Moderate in far west, otherwise smooth or slight. Mainly fair. Good.

Trip Stats: Distance: 30 nm, Average speed: 5.00 knots, Maximum speed: 7.00 knots, Under way: 6 h 00 m, Sailing hours: 5 h 0 m, Engine hours: 1 h 0 m (inc warm up cool down).

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